1) Determine which league(s) serve your zip code below.
2) Review those serving league(s)' boundary maps below to determine which one covers your residence.

Antelope LL

Grant LL- Coming soon

North Highlands LL- Coming Soon

North Natomas LL- Coming Soon

Rio Linda LL

Fulton-El Camino LL- Coming Soon

West Sacramento LL

3) If your league doesn't have girls softball, you may be referred by the league to another league with girls softball.
4) If your zip is not found, please visit the Western Region website for referral to another District. District 2 is north, District 5 is east, District 7 is south, District 11 is northeast, District 54 is southeast, District 64 is west.

Zip CodeLeague
95605 WLL, WSGS
95626 RLLL, ALL
95660 NHLL
95668 RLLL
95673 RLLL
95691 WSLL, WSGS
95747 ALL, RLLL
95815 SLL
95821 SLL
95825 SLL
95833 NNLL, SLL
95835 NNLL, RLLL
95836 RLLL
95837 NNLL, RLLL
95838 RLLL, SLL
95842 ALL, NHLL
95843 ALL
95864 SLL